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It’s A Gas does not offer rental programs beyond the Southern California geographical region. However, we do sell specific size cylinders – empty – nationwide as well as cylinder related equipment.

Please visit the services link for helpful information on our purchase program for our nationwide clients. Should you have specific questions, please contact us and speak with a helpful team member. We will be honored to answer any question you have and assist you with your order.


It will depend on the size cylinder you choose. Please visit the helium link for information on cylinder pricing and capacity.

The number of balloons you can inflate will depend on the size of the cylinder as well as the size of the balloons being used. Please visit the helium link on cylinder capacity by cubic feet as well as the amount of balloons that can be inflated per specific cylinder size.

Yes, you can transport up to 1000 cu.ft in your personal vehicle without hazardous material placards. We recommend that you have us deliver large cylinders to your business, home or event venue. Delivery is available for a small fee.

Yes, we deliver throughout Southern California. We have specific route days based on geographical areas. Please contact us and speak to our helpful team members for specific delivery days for your respective area.

Yes, you can purchase all equipment. Please visit the helium link for more information on purchasing a helium cylinder.

Typical rental periods are less than 30 days. Cylinders can be rented for periods longer than 30 days by paying a nominal monthly rental fee on the cylinder and regulator. Please visit the helium link for more information on our monthly rental program.

We accept all major credit cards, payment by personal or company check as well as cash. Accounts are available to businesses with a PO and active credit card on file.

Yes, there are certain restrictions. Please contact us for specific guidelines as well as restrictions on filling your personal equipment.

Fill out our new customer form online and submit it to us. Once your information is received, we will contact you to schedule a delivery or make an appointment for you to pick up at our office.

It’s A Gas offers open PO accounts to businesses with an new credit application account. Terms are Net 30 and an active credit card is required on account at all times. Personal individual accounts are not available.